Abraham.In.Motion Staff

Artistic Director: Kyle Abraham

Tour & Production Manager: Dan Stearns

Company Manager: Hillary Kooistra

Finance Manager: Lucy Mallett

Choreographic Associate: Matthew Baker

Rehearsal Director: Tamisha Guy

Rehearsal Assistant: Jeremy “Jae” Neal

Education Assistant:  Connie Shiau

Marketing and Development Associate: Catherine Ellis Kirk

Marketing Assistant: Penda N’diaye

Development Assistant: Vinson Fraley Jr.


Abraham.In.Motion Board: Kyle Abraham, Stephen Simcock (chair), Cheryl Bergenfeld, Chris Calkins, Glenn Ligon, Bebe Neuwirth, Carrie Schneider, Eric Shiner, Gilda Squire


Abraham.In.Motion is a proud supporter of Dancers Responding to AIDS, which helps ensure that those most in need receive the care and comfort they would otherwise do without. Founded in 1991 by former Paul Taylor Dance Company members Denise Roberts Hurlin and Hernando Cortez, DRA relies on the extraordinary compassion and efforts of the performing arts community to fund a safety net of social services for those in need. Together, we can make a difference for those less fortunate than us. Donate at www.dradance.org/donate.